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EQ: What is the benefit of  constructing tables and graphs, to organize data and identify patterns? PAGE 25 in NOTEBOOK


Click the link to open the virtual lab for today's assignment IN A NEW TAB. Make sure you are using Google Chrome for the lab!!! 




Using the Graph Cornell Notes paper complete the following activities:


1. Answer the true/false questions on slide 3

2. Make a predicition on slide 6

3. Copy the table from slide 6

4. Complete the activity and record your answers in the table

5.Copy the graph and graph your results

Answer the following question:

6.What are the advantages of using a computerized simulation  use to study the movement of the boat?



DRY MIX Acrostic- Use line graphing and graphing words to complete and use COLOR !!!


Make sure that your APES question is complete to grade on WEDNESDAY!! On page 16 in notebooks!!! 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.